How To Create The Best Freebie

Posted by charlottehoward

There are four main ways you should create freebies for your list. Keep in mind that your audience will want different types of content so you are more than welcome to create multiple freebies. 

When you are getting started multiple offers are an excellent way to validate content.

Before you decide on your freebie always make sure you can answer both of these questions with a yes.

Question #1- Is this something I could sell to my audience?

Even though it’s free content you still need to present your very best. Not many people will get a bad freebie and think, well maybe they’re just saving the best.

Remember a bad freebie is an indication of bad content and a waste of money, so if it’s not good enough to sell, it’s not good enough to give away.

Question #2- Does this give my audience a quick win?

Your freebie is meant to provide value but it should not overwhelm your audience.

Can your target audience consume and execute your content within 15 minutes?

With these questions in mind, you’ll create the best freebies.

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Freebie #1- The Teaser

This freebie gives them a sneak peek into your full paid offer. It should be designed to make your audience want to move to the next step.

This could be a few free chapters from a Book, the first module from a coaching program, a checklist or a short training video.

Freebie #2- The Quick Win

What are you able to teach or share together with your audience which will create a fast win.

For my quick win freebies, I like to share tools I use, tips on specific topics or strategies.

It makes me the go-to person with the knowledge my audience needs and often even if it’s not something I offer my audience will ask me other questions that lead to more information I can share and become known as the expert.

Freebie #3- The Breadcrumb

What can you share that will make them want to move forward?

Freebie #4- The Future

Where does your audience want to end up in the future? What type of transformation are they seeking?

Share your own personal experience or case studies to show your audience that you have the solution they need and have been successful with the type of transformation they are seeking.

This works well with beauty, weight loss, and business strategies industries. 

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